Between the 4th and 5th of February, the fourth UPRIGHT consortium meeting took place in Bilbao, Spain.  The meeting was arranged and hosted by our coordinators, Kronikgune, and it started with an overview of the first two years of the project from Irantzu Izco-Basurko. During the first two years of UPRIGHT we have created two school-based psycho-educative programmes and implementation procedures; being a research project, we also have reported to the European Commission on-time milestones and deliverables. All the achievements have been possible due to a collaborative consortium who actively participates in the decisions taken in order to ensure the success of the UPRIGHT project.

Then, specialists from our evaluation team, Madier Mateo, Nerea González and Javier Mar (Kronikgune) introduced and explained the evaluation and pilot outcome assessment. They presented i.e. information on the 1st and 2nd wave recruitment and preliminary quantitative and qualitative results. Silvia Gabrielli from FBK introduced the pilot site implementation of the Well-being for Us programme and gave us the status per region. Followed by Carlota Las Hayas, from Kronikgune, who introduced the section for the implementation and follow up of the Well-being for All programme, with additional material and discussed areas of improvement. The contribution of the Danish, Polish, Icelandic and Norwegian partners was essential in identifying areas of improvement and the strategies possibly needed to improve for this school year.

The second day of the meeting started with a Publication board meeting. The UPRIGHT members are active in presenting the project in many ways and we have some interesting events and articles coming up this year.

Next session was dedicated to WP1 where Jose Mari Aguirre (Kronikgune) introduced the financial status of the project and next financial internal report. Then, Irantzu Izco-Basurko (Kronikgune) discussed and presented other matters related to the project coordination, management and quality assurance. In the last session of the meeting, Dóra Guðrún and Sólveig (Directorate of Health, Iceland) introduced a summary of conferences and events in 2019, upcoming newsletter and other dissemination events in 2020.

Overall the meeting was a success and we thank our coordinators, Kronikgune, for welcoming us for the second time in their beautiful city of Bilbao!