The 6th consortium meeting took place online 29th and 30th of June 2021. The meeting started with a welcome from our coordination team and a presentation of main achievements. During this last school year of the UPRIGHT project, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the implementation, evaluation and dissemination of the project. During this period the UPRIGHT consortium worked closely with team meetings, the pilot sites were in continuous contact with participating schools and informed about the progress of the pandemic and current restrictions.

The implementation team presented lessons learnt after our three years of implementation of the UPRIGHT programme, changes that have been applied and showed some preliminary results. Now, with only six months left of the project, one of the main goals of the meeting was to define and develop the full content of the UPRIGHT programme for direct transfer to end-user. Consortium members undertook the remaining tasks in order for the programme to be ready on time. The final version of the programme will be available from January 2022 on the project’s website.

Day two of the meeting started with a publication board meeting. The role of the publication board is to advise on the suitability of publication plans and have final editorial responsibility on decisions regarding the approval of submission of papers to a journal or an abstract for a conference. Consortium members have been active in writing and publishing scientific articles from the collected data. Members of the board discussed the status and process of upcoming articles. All published articles can be found here.

Next up was the evaluation team with a presentation on the evaluation and pilot outcome assessment. The data collection for the UPRIGHT project is completed and preliminary quantitative and qualitative results were presented to participants. For the upcoming months, they will continue analysing the data and by the end of the year, the effectiveness of the UPRIGHT project will be presented.

Many dissemination activities are ongoing with participation from all consortium members. The UPRIGHT project will be presented at a symposium at the 7th IPPA World Congress that will take place on July 15th -17th 2021. UPRIGHT was presented at the webinar Improving the mental well-being of teenagers with a whole school community approach that took place on June 23rd with participants from around the world. These were among the activities presented by the dissemination team with a presentation of the exploitation plan of the project and a discussion on the final event of the UPRIGHT project that will take place at the end of the year.

The meeting ended with a presentation on a detailed plan through December 2021. The UPRIGHT consortium looks forward to the exciting months ahead and will continue to share the results and knowledge conducted during the project so that the knowledge produced in the project will be widely available. Overall, the meeting was a success and we thank all participants for their participation during the meeting and our coordinators for the organisation.