The website will be an important communication tool during the project as it will continuously provide updated information. The website will be an interactive environment that will give access to information related to the project to all kind of stakeholders. It will feature the following functionalities:

  • Link to social media in order to be attractive to the general public.
    • Twitter: provide a general information and communication.
    • LinkedIn: Create a community gathering all interested stakeholders.
    • Facebook: provide a general information and communication? (Ath. er ekki í grant agreement).
  • Overview of the concept, objectives, the partnership and the activities proposed within the projects.
  • News and information related to meetings and conferences.
  • Access to a secure collaborative space (consortium members only) for sharing information and documents in the framework of the project.

Electronic newsletter

  • A newsletter will be published online annually. The newsletter will be distributed to stakeholders and sent to subscribers via email.

Social media

  • Social media enables information about Upright and its outputs to reach a large and broad audience. It also means this information will not simply be disseminated in a to-down fashion, but makes it possible to receive feedback and suggestions from stakeholders.