On the 30th of November, the seventh and last UPRIGHT consortium meeting took place online. Irantzu Izco-Basurko our project manager at Kronikgune set the meeting and welcomed participants. Followed by her colleague at Kronikgune, Carlota Las Hayas, presented the UPRIGHT resilience-based intervention materials. Pilot sites are working on adapting the last changes of the intervention in their language. From the year 2022, the materials will be available in seven languages, including English, Spanish, Basque, Italian, Polish, Danish and Icelandic, which will be downloadable at the project website www.uprightproject.eu The website will change a little from what it looks like now, the UPRIGHT program will be centre and accessible in just a few clicks.

Evaluation and pilot outcome assessment

For the first time, Maider Mateo and Nerea González from the evaluation team at Kronikgune presented the global results of the UPRIGHT intervention, both from the quantitative and qualitative analyses and included in the presentation some findings by region. Igor Larrañaga, also part of the evaluation team at Kronikgune was in charge of presenting the simulation models for the long-term epidemiological and economic impacts and the cost-effectiveness of the UPRIGHT intervention. Further information on their presentations and the results of the intervention will be discussed in detail in the summary of the project’s final conference, here at our website.

Implementing projects like UPRIGHT in schools is highly dependent on teachers. Mette Marie Ledertoug from Aarhus University in Denmark presented interesting results on the importance of teachers when implementing a psych educative intervention at school.

Now, when the global results of the project have been published the Directorate of Health in Iceland will continue to work on their findings on the COVID-19 impact on adolescents’ mental health and early in 2022 a publication is expected.

Dissemination, outreach, and policy recommendations

Dóra Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir and Sólveig Karlsdóttir from the Directorate of Health in Iceland introduced the work ahead with WP6 on dissemination, outreach, and policy recommendations. The final event of the UPRIGHT project took place on the 1st of December, during this meeting the consortium discussed the event ahead and cleared.

The team at the Directorate of Health are now working on the policy recommendations based on the results of the UPRIGHT project. All consortium members have maintained good communication with stakeholders in their countries, which is important at this time of the project to ensure the sustainability and exploitation of the project. We know that many of our stakeholders are waiting for the UPRIGHT program to be published.

Project coordination, management, and quality assurance

With only a month left of the project, Irantzu Izco-Basurko presented the issues regarding the project coordination, management and quality assurance and a detailed plan until the end of December 2021.

Overall, the meeting was a success, and we hope that the seeds we have planted for the last four years or so will continue to grow and that the UPRIGHT intervention will enhance the mental health and wellbeing among young people around Europe and beyond. We thank Kronikgune our coordinators for organizing the meeting and all our partners for their contribution.