The UPRIGHT consortium gathered in Trondheim, Norway on June 25th and 26th for their third Consortium meeting. Odin Hjemdal started the session by explaining the history of the Trondheim city, whereas Karoline Daugstad, Vice-Dean Research in the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences welcomed all on behalf of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Ane Fullaondo from Kronikgune set the meeting.

The first session was dedicated WP5 where Maider Mateo (Kronikgune), one of the specialists from the evaluation team, went through the outcomes assessment concerning the baseline status on well-being and resilience of participants. Silvia Gabrielli from the Italian team (FBK) presented the results from the analysis of the monitoring tools implemented during the deployment of the UPRIGHT programme in the first wave, including operational experience and areas of improvement from the experience of the pilot sites. Then, Irantzu Izco from Kronikgune had the floor and led the discussion for the agreement of final changes to be inserted in the second edition of the manual (second wave of the project). Carlota Las Hayas (Kronikgune) introduced the Well-being for all final programme of activities. The contribution of the Danish, Polish, Icelandic and Norwegian partners was essential in identifying areas of improvement and the strategies possibly needed to improve for the next school year.

We also had the opportunity to meet with the BOOST project coordinators, Stine Hellum and Gloria Azalde from SINTEF (GA 755175) in a fruitful scientific session. Both H2020 projects aimed to prevent children´s mental health by the development of an innovative resilience programme through a whole-school approach. Meanwhile, BOOST focus on children up to 12 years of age, UPRIGHT contributes to the well-being of adolescents from 12 to 14 years old. We shared interesting information on different stages of the projects and plan to have future synergies.

On June 26th, the focus was on tasks related to WP1, project coordination, management and quality assurance where Jose Mari Aguirre and Irantzu Izco introduced the upcoming periodic financial and technical report to the European Commission. Sólveig Karlsdóttir from the Directorate of Health in Iceland discussed WP6 tasks i.e. summary of conferences and events, newsletter and communication with mass media and social media.

The session was followed by a Publication Board meeting where the status on upcoming articles was discussed among with preparation for the UPRIGHT symposium at the 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology Congress in Melbourne this week.

Overall, the meeting was a success and we thank our team from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for their hospitality and a great welcome to the beautiful city of Trondheim.